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The picket fence is a traditional type of fence that is common in middle-class, suburban residential subdivisions. For many people, the picket fence is a traditional symbol of an affluent and peaceful neighbourhood.

Picket fences are usually constructed to completely or partially surround a real estate property. In some cases, a picket fence is only built in the front yard while the rest of the fence structures are constructed from other materials. Some picket fences are built as functional and decorative features of gardens, and they protect flower plots from being trampled. At the same time, these picket fences accentuate the beauty of gardens.

Classic picket fences are constructed from wood materials, and the individual picket boards may either be inserted directly into the ground or supported by posts and rails. Modern picket fences are constructed from other materials, such as plastic and aluminium. Prefabricated picket fence materials can be purchased as sections which can then be reassembled on site. Typically only a minimal level of skill is needed to install pre-fabricated picket fences.

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